Simple Player Controller

Not much progress this week due to hectic workload from other modules.


  • Simple Player controller scripts that move player up, down, left and right.
  • Simple movement script that stores the move speed and other variables.


I maybe refining the movement script and player controller script such that when a button is pressed, a movement vector is added and every frame, the movement vector is deducted till it becomes a zero vector.


First Kick Off (Camera Controller)

Hi guys! I have finally came up with a rough game idea. So without further ado, lets start off with the game production plan. I am going to add more task as the days goes by.

Below are the stuffs that are needed:

  • Player Controller
  • Camera Controller
  • Input Manager
  • Grid
  • A Star Path Finding

And today, I am making a isometric view camera controller for the combat scene.

Camera Functions:

  • Camera moves in the direction when mouse touches outside of the window.
  • Camera zooms in and out when mouse scrolls.
  • Min and max are defined for the movement and the scrolling.